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Map titled 'The "Sap" Huirangi Dist approaching maori position at Te Arei 1860-61', showing the site of 'The Sap'. The site was dug by soldiers under the command of General Pratt along the ridge towards Te Arei in 1861. Map includes the course of the Waitara River and some topographical features. Unknown scale.
Accession No

A collection of minute books and correspondence files. The Minute books provide a record that includes notices of motions, committee proceedings etc from 21 September 1859 - 25 September 1964 and 12 October 1864 - 20 June 1867.
The other papers include three files of correspondence from the Superintendent's Office and a collection of papers relating to the evacuation of refugees to Nelson.
Accession No

Map of a surveyor's plan of Waitara including the Waitara West and Huirangi Districts. The plan shows the field of operations during the Taranaki Wars from 1860-1861 and highlights redoubts, battle locations, pa sites, and other important landmarks. The map is adhered to black card.
Accession No