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Colours of the Taranaki Rifle Volunteers. Colours have the words "Taranaki Volunteers / Waireka" in the centre. The colours were presented at a parade on Poverty Flat (now the site of Central School) on 25 June 1861.
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Taranaki Regiment Colours "Primus in Armis", 1916-18. Presented by Governor General Viscount Galway in a ceremony at Pukekura Park, New Plymouth, on 22 March 1936.
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The colours, or standards, of the Taranaki Militia and Volunteers. The colours feature two flags and the British Crown.
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View of the White Cliffs from a high vantage point. Foliage and tree stumps in foreground. Mount Taranaki pictured in the background.
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Watercolour depicting the old Mission House at Moturoa with cleared hills and Mt Taranaki/Egmont in background and cleared, fenced paddocks containing stock in the foreground. Mangaotuku stream also in foreground. Predominately brown hue with green and white highlights. Horse grazing centre bottom.
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View of a mission building on top of a brown, barren hill. Child and woman centre left foreground. Unfinished pencil outline of male figure? on path half way down hill. Small green hedge runs along base of hill and half way along middle of hill. Painted in predominately blue and brown hues with touch of green.
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