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The colours, or standards, of the Taranaki Militia and Volunteers. The colours feature two flags and the British Crown.
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Small steel engraving showing the Bell Block Stockade in the middleground with surrounding outposts. Mt Taranaki/Egmont in background. Four individuals are located lower left of the hill.
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View of blockhouse at Pukearuhe redoubt with figures in foreground. White Cliffs visible in the background.
Accession No

Artistic impression of Pukearuhe redoubt and blockhouse. Figures are pictured working in the foreground. The redoubt is visible in the middleground and White Cliffs are pictured in the background.
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Soldiers with drums and fife flutes parading through New Plymouth. Military camp and ships visible in the background. Paritutu is also pictured in the background.
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Monochromatic painting depicting a group of eight Māori men gathered in a bushy area. The men wear piupiu and are bare chested. Some of the men have moko. They are all carring rifles.
Accession No

Monochromatic painting of men at work outside the church at Opotiki. A pair of bullocks is pulling a load of wood in the foreground. The church, some tents and a flagstaff can be seen beyond a fence. An armed soldier and an armed māori man in traditional dress can be seen in the lower right corner.
Accession No

Monochromatic painting depicting view looking across Urenui River towards hills. Two men in military dress stand in the foreground. Another man is tying up a row boat at the shore. There is a further man in row boat. He Holds a paddle. There are small buildings on the hills and on the shoreline across the water.
Accession No