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Oral history. Describes early life and schooling at Niho Niho.
Recorded: 18 August 1998
Interviewer: Irene Crossan
Abstraction: Floss lambert
Restrictions: None
Copyright: Taranaki Museum
Accession No

Oeo Primary School was located on Main South Road, near Manaia. It opened in 1910 and closed May 1988.
A collection of school photographs, a school publication 'Wreck of the Lizzie Bell' and school activity booklets created by students of Oeo School.
Accession No

A collection of photographs used in the publication 'Tom and Betty Longstaff – Descendants 1827-1990'. Includes a photocopy of the marriage certificate for Harry Longstaff to Ellen Turcich in Whanganui 1894 as well as the order of service for Maurice Donald Longstaff’s funeral 1999.
Accession No

The school magazine for Te Henui Private School, 1910-1913. The magazine has been written and illustrated by pupils of the school. It includes descriptions of school events (including a lecture from William Skinner), prize lists, script for the school play, illustrations and photographs.
Also included is a photocopied hand written reminiscence by Peggy Rix-Trott (nee. Griffiths) recollecting her time at the school.
Accession No