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The colours, or standards, of the Taranaki Militia and Volunteers. The colours feature two flags and the British Crown.
Accession No

Small steel engraving showing the Bell Block Stockade in the middleground with surrounding outposts. Mt Taranaki/Egmont in background. Four individuals are located lower left of the hill.
Accession No

Pencil and wash sketch of an unidentified military camp in Taranaki. In the foreground a Maori figure is walking on a road. On the right of the sketch an armed figure stands next to a guard post. A collection of bell tents can be seen in the background along with figures mounted on horses. Several small figures also stand in front of their bell tents.
Accession No

Pencil and wash sketch of New Plymouth from Marsland Hill. The view shows vegetation in the foreground and two bell tents at the base of Marsland Hill. The township of New Plymouth is visible in the middleground, with St Mary's Church pictured in the centre of the image. Several small ships are visible on the sea in the background.
Accession No