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Formed in 1868, the New Plymouth Schools Committee oversaw a number of schools including Courteney Street, Gill Street, Wesleyan, East, East Infants, West, Fitzroy and Frankley Road Schools.
The records consist of official minutes 1880-1884, a letter book 1882-1886, general correspondence 1880-1905 and misc papers which include staff appointments, truancy and absenteeism notes.Each folder has an index which contains a brief description of each item, including the names of those involved (pupils, teachers, caretakers, parents, committee members etc.).
Folder 13 contains a petition with signatures from parents, guardians etc. at West Infants School, 1900.
Folder 14 contains a petition with signatures from parents, and neighbours at Fitzroy, 1883.
Folders 24 and 25 contains receipts and tenders from local businesses, some on business letterheads.
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Glenys Thomson and Heather Savage were active parishioners of the Taranaki East Community Parish. In an oral history Glenys responds to questions about the history of the Parish and how it developed into a charismatic church. Heather joins and talks with Glenys about the situation where a charismatic church has closed and locked the church at Toko and moved to Stratford.
The interview was recorded at the time Glenys Thomas and Heather Savage deposited the Taranaki East Community Parish archives in the Puke Ariki Archive.
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Attributed to H. D.Mullon, this paper outlines the history of Richmond Cottage and sets out to disprove the story that Richmond Cottage was used as the first Bank of New Zealand (BNZ).
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Felix Templeton Bellringer was born in 1877, the son of James Templeton Bellringer, who was Mayor NP 1889-1893. Felix was educated at Central School NP and NP Boys High School and served several years as a law clerk. In 1900 he was admitted to the Bar - solicitor of the Supreme Court NZ. In 1901 he was elected temporary Town Clerk, later becoming Town Clerk and Borough Treasurer. In the former position he served for 50 years retiring in Feb 1952
The papers consist of reports and letters concerning his achievements as Town Clerk 1902-52, including his role in the acquisition and development of the following reserves and parks; Aotea Park, Henui Vicarage, West End School, Prison Reserve (Moturoa), New Plymouth Rugby Park, East End Bathing Reserve, Lake Mangamahoe Hydro scheme, Maranui Estate, Pukekura Park, Peringa Park, Kawaroa Park, Paritutu Centennial Park, Lynmouth Park, Waiwakaiho Park, Ngamotu Reserve, Pukewarangi, Burgess Park. In addition to the boxed material in the archive, there is a series of scrapbooks re Parks and Reserves.
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Richmond Cottage was built for C.W. Richmond in 1853. After C.W. Richmond went to Wellington in 1856, the cottage was leased to army officers during the 1860's. Various members of the Atkinson and Richmond families occupied the cottage until the 1880's when it was rented out, then sold in 1898.
Account statements for the sale of the Richmond Beach Cottage from Richmond & Hutchen, Solicitors, with additional notes from and to Anna Richmond. 1897 - 1898
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The forerunner of the Cardiff Dairy Company was the Cardiff Co-operative Butter Packing Factory, formed in 1888.
The Cardiff Dairy Company was formed in 1891 and merged with Stratford, Eltham and Normanby Dairy Companies to become the Taranaki Cooperative Dairy Company (1965).
The records include a complete run of minutes from 1890 - 1935, register of members 1891 - 1897 and the share register 1891 - 1935.
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Formed in 1895, the Mangorei Dairy Company produced butter. In 1910, the company took over Hurworth Dairy Company and installed a skim milk plant. Amalgamation with the Rotokare Dairy Company took place in 1938 and the company continued operating until 1964 when it amalgamated with Moa Farmers Co.
Contains the published director's reports and balance sheets for the years 1939-1964.
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Formed in 1895, the Mangorei Dairy Company produced butter. In 1910, the company took over Hurworth Dairy Company and installed a skim milk plant. Amalgamation with the Rotokare Dairy Company took place in 1938 and the company continued operating until 1964 when it amalgamated with Moa Farmers Co.
Contains articles of association and annual reports and balance sheets for the Mangorei Dairy Company.
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The Clere family arrived in Taranaki in 1877 on board the ship 'Furniture trained as an architect in England prior to coming to New Zealand and after initially settling in Wellington, Frederick came to Taranaki in the early 1880s living for a while in New Plymouth, Hawera and Patea. By 1883 he was in Wanganui and then later returned to Wellington where he lived until his death in 1952
With research assistance from Susan MacLean of Wanganui, David Luke has written this essay about the life of his maternal grandfather Frederick de Jersey Clere. As Clere was an architect, it focuses on houses he occupied and/or owned and includes photos of houses still standing in the early 1990s.
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Hal Goodacre was active in local community affairs. He established the Egmont Boot and Shoe Company, was chairman of the '1904/5 Exhibition Committee and a supporter of the development of Pukekura Park. He died in the 1917 flu epidemic. Hal's wife Annie continued to live in the house until 1921 when she moved to Wanganui.
Researched and written by Des McMahon, the essay follows the history of the Goodacre family and their property called 'Whareora' postal address 151 Tukapo Street (later Tukapa Street), residential address is 149A Tukapa. It documents alterations and additions to the house and includes photographs, plans of the area, land titles etc. Also included are transcripts of interviews with Eric Laird, grandson of Hal Goodacre.
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The New Zealand Insurance Company Ltd's New Plymouth building was designed by Thomas Bates in 1920 and situated in Devon Street East, located on the lower part of the south side of the 'Devon St hill' not far from the corner of Devon and Currie Streets. It was demolished in the 1970s or 1980s.
The folder contains a copy of the building specifications, a photocopy of photographs of the Devon Street frontage (possibly in the image collection), a covering letter from Bruce Henderson Keith Scott & Partners Oct 30 1980s a plan of the building copied by Bruce Henderson Keith Scott and Partners from the original drawing by Thomas Bates.
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A typescript copy of a brief history of the Moa Dairy company, author unknown.
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The Certificate in Incorporation for the Okoke Hall Society Inc dated 8th Dec 1926.
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Established in 1904, the Makahu Co-operative dairy Company produced butter until 1915 when it converted to cheese production. It went into voluntary liquidation in the early 30s and suppliers transfered to the Stratford Farmers Co-op Dairy Co.
The collection comprises two minute books for May 1912 - July 1928 and for September 1928 - April 1933, as well as a share register for 1903-1924.
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The Fire and Accident Underwriters of NZ were affiliated to the Fire Underwriters Association of NZ.
The records consist of plans and diagrams depicting buildings and structures in the central business districts of New Plymouth, Hawera, Inglewood, Waitara, Stratford and Eltham. Also included are block plans showing various freezing works in Taranaki etc.
The plans were used for insurance purposes and show the footprint of each building, often naming the business or firm.
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The Taranaki Institute was formed in August 1862 operated a library in New Plymouth and was dissolved in May 1879.
The Minutes are in the back section of the New Plymouth Public Cemetery Trustee Minute book and include the inaugural minutes through until it was decided to wind up the institute and dispose of the books and equipment
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Established in 1917, the Tuna Co-operative Dairy Company amalgamated with the Midhirst Co-operative Dairy Company in August 1928.
The papers consist of a share register for September to December 1917 and a minute book for August 1917 to August 1928.
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Alexander Cassie was raised on a farm in the Okato district, Taranaki. In 1911, at the age of eleven, he broke his leg and was confined to bed for approximately three months. During this time he kept a detailed journal and received letters from school friends.
On retiring from farming, Alexander Cassie rediscovered his diary and the letters and combined them to form an account of those three months. It is based on daily trivialities, boyish pranks and reminiscences as told to him by veterans of the land wars regarding the Battle of Waireka, and the Parihaka incident and the Stony River Hotel.
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The New Plymouth Central School was opened in 1884; it was an amalgamation of several small schools operating in New Plymouth at that time - Kauwau (Miss Lydia Shaw), East School (O'Connell), West School (McKee) and Gill Street School (Miss Reeve).
The records include the minute books for the Central School Committee from 1918 to 1956, the minute book and register from the 50th Jubilee committee, five examination registers which give an incomplete coverage 1942 - 1962, the Courtenay Street (Infant) School log book 1911 - 1936, two Central School (Upper School) log books 1918 - 1970 and photographs 1890 - 1972 and a folder of examination reports for West End Infants' Public School 1886-1887.
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An in house collection of information and photographs illustrating Thomas Bates contribution to architecture in Taranaki. Included are photocopies of plans, photographs, clippings etc.
Also included is a collection of 16 photographs of New Plymouth houses and business premises designed by Bates taken ca.1990.
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The Tututawa Co-operative Dairy Company began in August 1913 after acquiring the area from the Puniwhakau Co-operative Dairy Company. The company was liquidated in 1926.
The minute book covers the full period of its operations 1913-1926.
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In 1916, the Te Popo Co-operative Dairy Co was formed and purchased the existing Te Popo Creamery from the Midhurst Dairy Company. The company operated for approximately 16 years and amalgamated with the Midhurst Dairy Company in 1931.
The papers comprise a minute book and a share register, both covering the full period of the Company's existence. 1916 - 1937
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Thomas Bates was born in Australia in 1873. He trained as a draughtsman before leaving for England and USA where he worked as an architect. In 1908, he came to New Zealand, settling first in Auckland and later New Plymouth. He designed many of the prominent commercial buildings in the town and residential building ranged from bungalows to distinctive two story homes. In 1954, aged 80 years, Thomas Bates died in a plane crash in Singapore.
A copy of an essay researched and written by Robyn Burgess. It gives brief biographical information, describes buildings designed by Bates and discusses his style of architecture and materials used. The collection consists of first and final draft of the essay. Essay published 26 August 1988.
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The stores account book noting goods and services provided to individual people in the Mokau district for the period 1941 - 42. During this time, Mr H W Sampson was proprietor.
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The Pukeho School was opened in 1909 and closed 1956, with children being enrolled at Tarata School.
The collection includes a minute book recording business from March 1909 - April 1919. and photographs from the 50th Jubilee, published in the Spotlight magazine.
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